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The future that awaits us is not a matter of chance. It's a matter of choice. What we decide today will determine our realities tomorrow and financial freedom can help pave the way.

At Edgewater Wealth Management, we've been helping individuals, families and business owners make smarter decisions about money for more than two decades. We have assisted them in proactively navigating through the best and worst of times by anticipating obstacles and taking quick advantage of opportunities.

Our approach to wealth management isn't just different. It's distinctive in ways that truly matter to our select clients. We are a wealth management firm that adopted the advisory team concept long before other firms and advisors recognized its benefits. We spent over 15 years refining a collaborative process that has become a difference maker to the businesses and people we are privileged to serve.

Every transition in life, business and personal, involves decision-making. Talk to us about your here-and-now. Tell us about the future you imagine. We'll help make sure whatever you decide today will be the right choice for tomorrow.

Goals-based planning

Goals-based planning


Investment management

A team approach

A team approach


Year Ahead 2023

A year of inflections

Following one of the toughest years in history for investors, CIO sets its sights on the Year Ahead. Entering what we expect to be a “Year of Inflections,” uncertainty remains high. But for investors with the ability to look through short-term noise, the difficulties of 2022 should make way for longer-term opportunities. Navigating these anticipated inflection points in 2023 will be key to investment success.

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