The Exit Strategy–What’s Your Plan?

At the Wilfong Meyer Gage Group, we work exclusively with venture and private equity-backed founders to help them navigate and manage the life-changing event of monetizing their company. With our deep expertise and experience in the complexities of exit planning, we can help you weigh the pros and cons of every decision and be a partner throughout the entire process.

The Certified Exit Planning Accreditation®
To further solidify a foundation in exit planning and gain additional insight into the strategies and processes, John Wilfong has earned the Certified Exit Planning Accreditation® (CEPA®) designation, the only certification that is focused on selling businesses. This in-depth training helps us assemble, organize and prepare your selling team for a smooth transition.

With the Wilfong Meyer Gage Group, planning for a liquidity event is just the beginning of our relationship. From the early stages of planning to the final deal closing and well through post-sale years, we remain committed to the ongoing financial success of our clients and their families.

The CEPA® Value Acceleration Process*
The Value Acceleration Process provides a framework to help business owners with transition planning.

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