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We believe that good financial planning advice is invaluable—it helps prepare you for whatever life brings. But it is especially important during times of major life change. Our process focuses on you and the priorities, goals, concerns and beliefs that will ultimately impact your financial well-being for years to come. We're here to help you tackle your concerns and embrace the opportunities that can enrich and empower you today and for years to come.

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Working with diverse clients with specific needs, our team sees it as our top responsibility to understand each aspect of your unique and often complicated financial life.

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Who we work with


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Accessing resources. Delivering solutions.

Accessing resources. Delivering solutions.

Riley A. Stephenson, CFP®

Financial Advisor


With close to a decade of experience in the financial industry, Riley has established himself as an accomplished and innovative leader and advisor. Working with business owners, professionals and intergenerational families, Riley has the ability to oversee financial transitions and the passage of wealth from one generation to another.

As a part of the Decision Point Wealth Consulting group, Riley helps individuals and families create a comprehensive financial plan designed with their top priorities in mind. You can count on his experience to help you pursue and achieve the financial goals most important to you.

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