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Peninsula Financial Group was formed in 2020 as a strategic combination of highly experienced financial advisors.  Our team specializes in working with corporate executives, business owners, founders, and multigenerational families in the management of their personal wealth. We also have unique expertise in advising closely held businesses, corporations and non-profits. Many of our clients benefit from a coordinated approach between these two disciplines.

How you built your wealth, your challenges, concerns, and goals are unique and personal. Our team provides a highly personalized approach and customized solutions to each of the families, businesses, and organizations we serve. If one word symbolizes the relationships that Peninsula Financial Group has with our clients, it is “together.” The synergy, depth, perspective and capabilities of our team mean that, together, we can provide you with the highest level of advice and service for your business, as well as innovative advanced planning and comprehensive wealth management strategies for you and your family.

Together, as a team, we will work closely with you to find solutions that can help you pursue long-cherished goals and objectives, both on a personal and corporate level. Our goal is to have a thorough understanding of your unique objectives and to work together with you on an ongoing basis to achieve those goals.

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By seeing the big picture, we provide access to the global platforms and the financial and intellectual strengths of UBS’s experts in Wealth Management, Asset Management and our Private and Investment Banks.

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