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Navigating complexity

At Labyrinth Wealth Advisors, we specialize in securing the financial future of founders, early employees, executives, and venture capital and private equity professionals. We are a team of experienced wealth advisors who pride ourselves on navigating complexity.

Let us listen, look at the big picture and explore your vision for lasting success. We will help you pursue your life ambitions with confidence to realize and maximize the full potential of your wealth and legacy.

The clients we help. The lives we impact.

We built our practice in the Bay Area and our clients include the brightest minds in technology and other innovative industries. We advise them on all areas of their personal wealth so they can focus on what matters.

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Venture capital and private equity professionals

Individuals and legacy families

Founders and early employees

Executives and advisors

Success stories

From your first success to enjoying the next stage in your life, we have the experience and knowledge to help you navigate every milestone.

Advice designed for the life you envision

Advice designed for the life you envision

Grant award and liquidity guidance

Grant award and liquidity guidance

Investment management

Investment management

Strategic tax optimization

Strategic tax optimization

  • Identifying the right amount of liquidity to take off the table to achieve financial security

  • Advising on grant awards and emphasizing tax efficiency

  • Creating and implementing sale strategies for private and public stock

  • Designing a portfolio consistent with your personal objectives, values, and cash flow needs

  • Implementing a portfolio that is tax and fee efficient

  • Off-shore investment management providing currency and risk diversification

  • Direct coordination with your CPA for all strategy, tax filings and timely payments

  • Tax minimization strategies for high-income earners

  • Customizing portfolios to tax brackets and focusing on after-tax returns

Family advisory

Family advisory

Philanthropy and charitable planning

Philanthropy and charitable planning

Insurance and asset protection

Insurance and asset protection

  • Education planning and raising children with wealth

  • Advice on supporting aging parents and navigating family dynamics

  • Intra-family loans

  • Creating a charitable mission statement and action plan around the causes and organizations important to you

  • Charitable structures that maximize contributions and minimize taxes

  • Using philanthropy to instill family values and financial education

  • Reviewing and updating personal and business insurance coverage

  • Life insurance guidance consistent with family income needs and potential estate tax liability

  • Understanding health care insurance options



Trust and estate planning

Trust and estate planning

Banking and lending

Banking and lending

  • Review of entity structures

  • Ownership title considerations

  • Secure systems to protect client accounts and information

  • Coordinate exploring sophisticated planning strategies, including wealth transfer, income and estate tax minimization with your legal and tax advisors

  • Monitoring of tax and legal code changes and the potential impact on your plan

  • Roadmap to addressing family emergencies and global catastrophes

  • Securities-backed lending, and other unique lending capabilities including restricted stock, private investments, hedge funds, art, and aircraft

  • Mortgages

  • Short-term cash management

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