Discipline. Longevity. Legacy.

Our purpose
We strive to help clients structure and manage their wealth globally, with an emphasis on the longevity of their portfolios and the legacy of their families. Our focus is simple: helping ultra high net worth families to manage their multigenerational wealth.

Our team is led by three seasoned advisors who began working together in 2002. We bring a combined 64 years of experience in wealth and portfolio management across Latin America and the United States. Today, we have a deep understanding of the complex challenges faced by wealthy families when managing significant capital. Together with our clients, we develop comprehensive wealth management plans and personalized investment portfolios.

About Ikaria
Ikaria is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, one of five blue zones, known for the longevity of its residents.

How can you be more certain in an uncertain market?

Let's put your plan in place, for today, tomorrow and for generations to come

You don't have to let market volatility get in the way of your long-term goals. Through the plan we create together, we can help you pursue what matters most.

Connecting you to the deep resources of UBS

By seeing the big picture, we provide access to the global platforms and the financial and intellectual strengths of UBS’s experts in Wealth Management, Asset Management and our Private and Investment Banks.


Your family. Your legacy.

roads overhead

Strategic investment management


Global insights to guide you

Launch. Grow. Exit your business.

We understand that when it comes to the business you have personally built, you're going to be invested at every level. From launching to growing to ultimately exiting your company our team can help you make smarter decisions each step of the way. 

Launch. Grow. Exit your business.

You’re selling within the year

You’re selling within the year

You’re 3 years away from exiting

You’re 3 years away from exiting

You’re considering an exit in 5 years

You’re considering an exit in 5 years

  • Work with us to interview and select the investment banker that works best for you
  • Finalize your exit plan and focus on getting the best deal for the sale
  • Coordinate with your investment banker who can help create competitive tension among prospective buyers and meet with potential acquirers, review offers and negotiate the sale
  • When appropriate, prepare employees and managers for the transition
  • Think about what’s  next for you and your future, after the sale
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  • Begin conducting an analysis of likely buyer interest and sector outlook, trends and business cycles to help identify the right timing of the sale
  • Build the right pre-sale advisory team, including an investment banker, attorney and CPA
  • Explore gift and estate strategies to help maximize net proceeds from a sale

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  • Discuss trust and estate strategies and tax and legal advisors to take advantage of strategies that may increase future net proceeds from a sale*
  • Fine-tune your business model to be most appealing to a buyer
  • Make sure business documentation and financial statements are in order
  • Put together a team to prepare the business and optimize value
  • Strengthen your management team
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