That inspires confidence

FTB Financial Services team
FTB Financial Services began in 1992 in a small corner office in downtown Cincinnati. Our relationship with the Procter & Gamble community was established as we serviced the brokerage end of exercising stock option awards (now done electronically through E*Trade). At a time when the financial services industry was heavily concentrated with individual advisors engaged in the transactional business of "buying and selling stocks", it quickly became apparent that this unique community needed more from a financial advisor. We charted our own course, building a team of credentialed financial professionals who would collaborate to bring a full suite of services to P&G employees and their families.

Taking a page from our consumer base, we focus on our clients in the same way P&G does – putting YOU at the foundation of everything we do, working hard to understand your unique needs and delivering a best-in-class value proposition. In our 30-year history, we have never wavered from our relentless focus on our one and only market – P&G families. We believe you will recognize the difference FTB brings, just as your consumers recognize the difference you bring to their everyday lives.