Passion and purpose

Family in Focus

Helping define and preserve your family and philanthropic legacies

What do you want your family to stand for? Where do your passions lie? What money values do you wish to communicate to the rising generations? When it comes to growing, preserving and passing on your wealth, so many questions come to mind. At Family Office Partners, we can help you find the answers.

To us, sustaining family wealth is as much about passion and purpose as it is about preservation. That’s why we strive to understand what matters most to you and help you design and implement a plan that reflects your vision and your values. Together, we can help bring your family’s legacy and charitable goals to life.

Three generation

Lasting legacy


Purposeful philanthropy

UBS Optimus Foundation

Impactful philanthropy that delivers breakthrough solutions to pressing social and environmental issues

Do you want your giving to be strategic and focused on outcomes? You can be sure that we have the right experience, knowledge and network to help you make the most impact in your giving.

Learn more about how the UBS Optimus Foundation can help you pursue your philanthropic goals.