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Private Wealth Management

Maintaining independence should be easy

As a busy PwC Partner, you require an experienced and skilled ally when making important decisions about your financial future. With the complexities of PwC’s wealth accumulation/wealth protection programs and the uncertainties of the global economy, we understand that planning aligned with PwC’s benefit programs is more important than ever.

CORAL Investment Partners is a highly trained, experienced Financial Advisor team at UBS. Reed Fawley CFP®, Lance Cholet CFP® and Dan Coash have vast experience helping PwC partners and staff navigate their corporate benefits and independence requirements. The team provides personalized solutions and customized multigenerational strategies to PwC Partners and their families.

We recognize that PwC partners require a team with specialized knowledge to help them manage their financial lives today and in preparation for their retirement from PwC. Given our many years as a Team in the Broker Simplification Program and our extensive experience with PwC benefits and independence rules, we can help partners feel more confident about the future, with more freedom to focus on other life priorities.

- Reed Fawley, CFP®

Extensive experience helping PwC Partners

CORAL Investment Partners is a highly trained team in the Broker Simplification Program at UBS with deep competency navigating PwC’s benefit programs and independence restrictions. Helping PwC clients across the country, we are experienced in helping you maximize the company's benefit plans and are attuned to the company's culture. PwC Partners turn to our guidance because we are:

·         Recognized as a Barron’s 2021 Top 100 Private Wealth Management Team

·         Highly experienced, offering personalized, holistic advice

·         Well versed in PwC benefits and the firm’s BSP rules and restrictions

·         Able to leverage global resources of the world’s largest wealth management firm on your behalf

·         Dedicated to providing our clients the highest quality advice and service

Discounted pricing

Discounted pricing

Building your comprehensive financial plan

Building your comprehensive financial plan

A disciplined process shapes your plan

A disciplined process shapes your plan

Global Wealth Report 2024

Crafted wealth intelligence

Now in its 15th edition, the Global Wealth Report 2024 offers you leading insights into household wealth and prosperity across the world. In the US, average wealth growth has spiked from 3.7% between 2000 and 2010 to nearly 6.3% between 2010 and 2023.

Gain additional insights into the trends shaping wealth in the US and around the world.

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