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Presale preparation can make all the difference post-sale

There are multiple factors to consider when you’re weighing the decision to sell your company. In some cases, it can take five years or more to exit a business, so proper planning needs to begin early. Given the complexity and potential professional, personal and financial consequences of a sale, we believe you shouldn’t make your decision alone.

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The value of CEPA collaboration

Certified Exit Planning Analysts (CEPA), Lance Cholet and Reed Fawley, along with CORAL Investment Partners, will work closely with you at each stage in your business life cycle. Our team offers advisory solutions that help empower you to make educated financial decisions throughout the entire exit planning process. We’ll begin with critical pre-liquidity planning and continue through execution and closing.

Prior to your transaction, we help you develop a personalized strategy that includes important estate planning considerations that can impact your long-term goals and the next generation, post-sale. Supported by extensive UBS resources for business owners and entrepreneurs, we’ll address:

  • Structure and timing
  • Valuation opportunities
  • Risk management
  • Liquidity strategies
  • Your estate, potential succession and tax considerations
  • Collaboration with UBS private equity and investment banking teams

Managing wealth is our craft

We’re committed to understanding what wealth means for you.

At UBS, excellence comes from nurturing the best of our heritage, mastering the details and delivering the expertise you need to turn your financial vision into a reality. The result? Financial advice that is finely crafted for what matters most to you.

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