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When you have created or inherited great wealth, you have expanded choices and opportunities. How do you decide among them? At Advocate Partners, we are here to help. Our priority is clear: To us, there is nothing more important than crafting a solid financial infrastructure that guides you forward and instills confidence in the future. As a team of independent thinkers aligned with your best interests, we have the knowledge, experience and commitment to critically evaluate your needs and work tirelessly on your behalf.

Working with our team, we believe you will be able “to take a breath” and focus on other important areas of your life. Because in all that we do, we advocate for your well-being and help you pursue your financial higher ground.

Wealth management aligned with your interests

From senior partners to strategists to support staff—our entire team is eager to help you preserve the success you’ve achieved and the legacy you’ve created. No matter how complex the challenge, or beyond the scope of traditional approaches, we will connect you to the solution you need, whether from inside or outside UBS. We are always seeking better ways to help manage risk and provide the financial guidance your family requires.






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Integrated advice

Because we believe the best advice comes from a collaborative team who bring insight and experience aligned with your best interests, we work extensively with your other advisors to provide you with the clarity and guidance you need.

Integrated advice

Certified public accountants (CPAs)

Certified public accountants (CPAs)

Estate planning attorneys

Estate planning attorneys

Business owners

Business owners

Tax efficiency is a top priority for our clients. Our Certified Public Accountant (CPA) relationships provide perspective on tax-related matters and inform our investment and planning recommendations.

Planning the sale of a corporation: Income taxes 

Transfers of S corporation stock 

Mechanics and tax implications 

Asset protection planning for everyone 

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Through our relationships with attorneys, we've gained a deeper understanding of the legal planning needed to help our clients achieve their wealth transfer and philanthropic goals. We focus on coordinating traditional estate and trust planning strategies with the more complex multigenerational requirements of ultra-wealthy families and family offices.

Asset titling—traps and opportunities 

Creating flexibility in trust agreements 

Estate planning for unmarried individuals

The decision to exit your business is rarely simple, and in some cases, it can take five years or more. We believe it's never too early to access the right advice and team of advisors to build our strategic plan for each step of the selling process.

Preparing for a strategic exit: Your guide to unlocking a lifetime of work 

Presale planning: Putting the horse before the cart 

Financial planning for business owners contemplating a liquidity event 

Divorce and the family business

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Our advice at work

Diverse clients. Diverse challenges. Whether it’s helping you pursue a new business venture, a philanthropic passion or a purposeful legacy, the exceptional resources of UBS Private Wealth Management enable us to guide you and your family toward your most important goals.

Our advice at work

A business owner enhances his liquidity strategy

A business owner enhances his liquidity strategy

An investment manager gains a coherent estate strategy

An investment manager gains a coherent estate strategy

A divorced client wanted a diligent advisory team

A divorced client wanted a diligent advisory team

An entrepreneur had signed a term sheet to sell his business and had been interviewing investment advisors and attorneys in anticipation of the liquidity event.

When we met, we learned he had done no trust and estate planning. We helped him find an attorney and suggested strategies around wealth transfer and asset preservation. He became our client, and today we manage a portion of his wealth in a conservative cash strategy in anticipation of his next venture as a serial entrepreneur.

A new client had an eight-figure net worth with several trusts and LLCs in place, but no cohesive strategy. Previous planning had been conceived by various other advisors with little coordination.

With our advanced planning team, we conducted a detailed analysis that highlighted key deficiencies. We introduced him to an attorney and helped to restructure his plan, giving him confidence that transferring wealth would not only benefit his loved ones but would reduce his taxable estate.

A business woman going through divorce was looking for a wealth management team to handle all her financial needs. We immediately engaged with her attorney to help value the assets that were being divided in the divorce. We also helped the couple untangle several of their shared business entities.

Furthermore, we created conservative asset allocations for the trusts benefiting their children and helped her determine the income level she needed to maintain her standard of living post-divorce

A senior financial executive needed more holistic planning

A senior financial executive needed more holistic planning

A company founder and insider sought a hedge against volatility

A company founder and insider sought a hedge against volatility

An attorney looking for advice for a complex estate

An attorney looking for advice for a complex estate

While developing a complementary investment portfolio for a client with large concentrated exposures, we realized he could benefit from our holistic approach incorporating both planning and investments.

We coordinated a financial plan and set up life insurance trusts to address his twin goals of reducing estate tax and asset protection. Our process provided him with clarity about his situation and confidence in his financial future.

Our client had provided seed capital for a company that had recently become public. The company’s fortunes were tied to a volatile commodity, and the client wanted to hedge his risk.

Since she was also an insider and subject to lock-up provisions, he was unable to sell the stock. Our team was able to help her minimize the downside risk through the purchase of put options on a proxy basket of correlated stocks. This strategy resulted in a significant reduction in our client’s downside exposure.

A trusted attorney approached us to help the executors of an estate liquidate and divide its assets. The challenge with this mandate stemmed from the illiquidity of the deceased patriarch’s investments.

Our assistance with the consolidation of accounts and repayment of the estate’s liabilities proved valuable. We moved quickly to help the client prepare for federal and state estate tax payments while reducing the risk profile of the investments and increasing cash flow for expenses.

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